We are walking on cloud nine when we see this look styled by Jessy Gosselin, our Dark Clouds Leggings fit her like a glove, but they are leggings :)

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angles and lighting are key to ginivg a photograph a certain feeling or look.these things take practice. thank god we don’t have to pay for film around with different light environments and camera placements don’t be afraid to take some bad ones. that’s how you learn. try taking different pics in a plain setting/neutral background and simple clothes so you can really see the differences you are making with these factors without being distracted by different props and such.with modeling specifically, the pose of the model has alot to do with it. there are loads of rules on joint and limb placement, head tilt, line of vision .etc.there are tons of sites that give tips for the model to create any kind of look you want.a more simple less time consuming easier to learn trick is in the cropping.try cropping off center of the frame. don’t crop limbs at the joints. crop only a portion of the the rule of thirds regarding photography..that should give you some good tipsgood luck1!

Posted by Bagus on July 19, 2012

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