A horse is worth more than riches.




 There is nothing more gratifying than having someone tell you that you put a smile on their face. The small problems that plague your day just seem to not matter anymore. Madeline Pendleton is the perfect example of what Lovelysally is about. In her blog she wrote:

"We don't get anything out of it other than the joy of wearing the garment on our blogs to share with you all, so that garment had better bring us some serious joy; otherwise, it's just taking up space in our closet and giving us anxiety about posting deadlines. These silly horse leggings from Lovelysally bring me some serious joy, let me tell you. I am thrilled to be able to show you all these funny awesome rad little buddies.."

This is what we aim for. We want your leggings to bring you joy because when you put them on you know that unique and beautiful and wearing them makes you feel confident and beautiful! Madeline's look is amazing just like her :)

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