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Hello lovelies!!! <3

We hope you are all well! The next few blog posts will be kind of 'educational' so you now a bit more about how we work and where your lovely garments are coming from!

And this post is about our printing technique :)

As you can read on our product pages, we use HD Inkjet printing, but what does that actually mean? It means that the ink actually penetrates the material and colours it so our garments don't go sheer, white or lose colour when stretched!!! Yipeee!!!

Our old printing technique and other printed clothes (not ours) are made using a heat transfer technique so the design gets 'melted' on to the material and it doesn't penetrate, that's why other garments go sheer or white when stretched, but not Lovelysally ;)

All this to ensure you that your body parts are all safe and hidden when wearing Lovelysally, which is especially important for you to know now we're about to release our bikinis :)

<3 to you lovelies!

The Lovelysally Staff

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